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Halloween traditions in different countries, from setting up empty chairs to parades

by Edwin Robertson
Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Pixabay
In western countries, Halloween become the most anticipated holiday after Christmas and New Year. The celebration that falls every October 31 is very loaded with mystical things.
Halloween is also synonymous with tradition Charity please. Where will the children wear costumes ghost and visit the neighbors’ house one by one to ask for sweets, cakes or chocolate. If they don’t get candy, they’ll play a prank on the owner of the house.
Tradition Charity please generally performed by residents of the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, residents of other countries have different and no less unique Halloween traditions. So as not to be curious, let’s see tradition Halloween in various countries through the following reviews.

Halloween traditions in different countries

Here are the Halloween traditions in various countries mentioned on the site Wales Online, Pumpkin Patches & More, and Mental Floss:

Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Unsplash

Ireland is considered the birthplace of Halloween. It has to do with the ancient Irish pagan festival, Samhain, which has been going on for thousands of years. Samhain is celebrated by lighting bonfires, offering sacrifices, and paying homage to the dead.

Today, the Irish celebrate Halloween in a different way. These include holding a Samhain parade and various games, lighting a bonfire, and presenting Bambrack.

Bambarck is a traditional cake as well as a fortune teller cake made from sweet bread and dried fruits. Inside the Bambarck, there is an amulet that will bring good luck for the next year.

Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Unsplash

Unlike Ireland, Halloween celebrations in Japan are celebrated in a modern way. Each end of October, Japan organizes the Kawasaki Halloween Parade which is one of the biggest parades.

Participants in the parade usually appear dressed in attractive costumes. This parade can be watched for free. But if you want to participate, you have to register and pay a certain amount.

Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Unsplash

Mexicans believe Heaven’s Gate will open at midnight on October 31. At that time, the souls of the children will return to Earth to be reunited with their families for 24 hours. During this time, the souls of the adults will descend to earth on November 2.

It is this belief that gives birth to the celebration The day of the Dead. During the celebration, families will come together and remember their deceased loved ones. They will light candles, place decorations, and cook the family’s favorite meals that have passed away.

Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Unsplash

Halloween celebrations in Canada date back to the arrival of Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 1800s. Celebrations in Canada are not much different from the United States, they usually have a party, Charity please, as well as decorating the house with pumpkins.

Halloween Tradition Illustration Photo: Unsplash

Czechoslovakians have a unique way of celebrating Halloween. The day before the celebration, they placed chairs near the fire. This chair is adjusted to the number of living family members and the spirits of deceased family members.

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