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The Family Park is inaugurated in the Libertad neighborhood – AGP Deportes

by Horace Rogers

Ensenada, Baja California.- With an investment of half a million pesos, the municipal president, Armando Ayala Robles, inaugurated the Family Park in the Libertad neighborhood, located in the eastern sector of the city.

Armando Ayala added that the public space was created within the “parks” program of the Coca-Cola Foundation and the Placemaking Mexico Foundation with the Placemaking methodology that bases the creation of public places through participatory processes.

He pointed out that a complete rehabilitation has been carried out in this space and that the following elements have been installed: games for children; three modules of exercise equipment; picnic tables; a PET bench for the elderly; recycling depots and lamps.

“I am very grateful to Coca-Cola, because during the pandemic it joined in the actions undertaken and made important donations to the municipal DIF, which were distributed to vulnerable groups,” he said.

Armando Ayala announced that before the end of the year, the company will donate resources for the rehabilitation of a fifth park located in the neighborhood of April 17, which will solve a request made by its inhabitants.

“This space has been abandoned, people have asked us to rehabilitate it and with the strategic alliance we have established with Coca-Cola through DIF Ensenada, this commitment has been fulfilled”, said the mayor.

The Director General of the Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of Baja California (INDIA), Lourdes Cañez Martínez, on behalf of Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, joined in the recognition of Embotelladora del Fuerte.

He assured that this socially responsible company contributes to the actions undertaken at the state and municipal levels for the promotion of sport, physical activation and healthy family leisure.

Lourdes Cañez approved the commitment of the State administration to join efforts with the different levels of government and private initiative, to jointly consolidate projects that improve the quality of life of the population.

For her part, the director of DIF Ensenada, Oralia Tinoco González, recalled that Coca-Cola has invested around 4 million pesos in two parks in Maneadero, one in the housing of the Secretary of the Navy and the one inaugurated in the Liberty Colony.

He pointed out that in addition to starting the park, the bottler donated 200 packages of liquid products which were delivered to low-income families, who reside in the neighborhood in question.

“Not only have they announced the donation of resources for a fifth park, but they will also grant 150,000 liters of various drinks, which we will distribute in the most vulnerable communities,” the official stressed.

Raúl Castañeda, representative of Coca-Cola, reiterated the company’s desire to work collaboratively for the community, with a particular focus on children and youth, to promote physical activation.

He urged the residents of the Libertad neighborhood to join in the conservation work of this public space and to immediately report any action that would be harmful to it.

Finally, on behalf of the beneficiary families, Mrs. Luisa Calderón expressed her gratitude to the mayor, the head of the municipal DIF and to Coca-Cola, for joining forces and responding to the demands of the citizens.

The inaugural act was attended by councilor Cristian Tarín García, president of the Family and Youth Commissions; Eduardo Vega Zamora, Director of Municipal Social Welfare; and, Carmelita Urías de Ayala, Honorary President of DIF Ensenada.

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