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What’s behind the campaign against abortion?

by Naomi Parham

The news is shocking: The Savior, small dollarized country and chaired by a demagogue authoritarian, a judge sentenced 30 years in prison for a woman who suffered a miscarriage.

Such cruelty surrounds him Tucker-Carlson –width of FoxNews and spokesperson for donald trump and the ultra-right – who argue that the defense of the right to abortion enshrined in the United States Constitution is a leftist attempt to destroy Christianity. No more no less.

Sorry, there is more: this struggle of women would be a product of hatred. Here, Carlson resorts to the same perverse inversion that has been used by tyrants and populists of all persuasions meant to embody the good and the destiny of the nation. Therefore they look forced to persecute or eliminate others, these “haters” who want to destroy the fatherland, the family and the religion.

In a liberal society, with a secular state and respectful of the rights of its citizens and especially of its citizens, abortion should be treated as a health problem public, family planning and individual rights.

Why then your decriminalization acquires the dimension of an epic fight, where the forces of “good” criminalize the matter and try to limit the causes and weeks of pregnancy as much as possible?

Worse still in the United States, where Republicans want to reverse rights which were legalized decades ago.

It’s not that the Trump of “Grab ‘Em by the Pussy” cares that women have abortions for as long as they want. It is hoist flags that mobilize the most retarded forces and the conservatives, demonizing the other, the liberal, the progressive.

What it was shown by the assailants of Congress, powered by itself asset, The objective is bend democracy liberal led by Joe Bidenwho, although a practicing Catholic, defends the women’s rights take their own the decisions.

That while the racists, putschists and anti-vaxxers (another public health issue has become a fan flag) attack laws and establishments.

In the Ecuadorian case, lasso he never hid his opposition to abortion. The most serious thing is that in this box on the right there is also Correa, Nebot, Hervas (as denounced by a co-supporter) and, of course, the Christian churches that Carlson defends.

But progressive forces and democratic They didn’t lose the battle last year Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion; and in this February, Colombia has set the limit at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Now the president of Canada, Justin Trudeau, provides medical services of your country for american women that they are prevented from aborting.

And the sexual and reproductive health expert, Joanna Erdmanlooking at the Canadian experience, concludes that “contrary to what one might think, total decriminalization of abortion does not increase their number, but reduces it.”

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