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Who is Nachter and why is it a trend these days?

by Ainsley Ingram


Nachter is a Valencian businessman who left everything for TikTok. Since last year, they have received accusations of plagiarism on its content and he hides behind the inspiration, in addition to pointing out that they criticize him for his religion and not for his alleged theft of ideas.

Over 10 million followers. Nachterthe TikToker with the most followers from Spain, became famous through plagiarism ideas to other users of the social network. This is how various users of the application have been denouncing it for more than a year.

Ignacio Gil Conesa, better known by his virtual name Nachter, is a 31-year-old Valencian businessman who started uploading humorous sketches for all audiences for the summer of 2020, and his followers began to rise like foam. Once successful, he quit his job to devote himself fully to this social network, which feeds him based on stolen ideas, according to TikTok consumers.

But it was only a matter of time before users of this social network began to realize that these comic situations and cartoons he showed in his videos were nothing more than user copies with fewer subscribers and without giving credits.

credit problem

Credits are one of the most controversial topics of this social network and Nachter He wasn’t the only one it took a toll on. The tiktoker clung like a straw to this reality to justify its plagiarism, dress it as inspirationaccording to account popular voice:I don’t plagiarize And anyone who knows this network (TikTok) knows that taking inspiration from other videos is part of their philosophy.”

He apologizes in his religion

It is no secret that Ignacio is a traditional and very religious person, belonging to the community of Opus Dei. The TikToker took advantage of this and he apologized for the accusations with his religion: Nachter claims that the criticism of his alleged content plagiarism is not for stealing ideas, but for his religion.

In an interview with The world It was there that he expressed these feelings: “Anyone who follows me knows perfectly well that more than 80% of the videos are my originals and that I have been doing this for seven years. Coincidentally, these are people who also play with my religionwith my convictions, with personal things…”.

Faced with these declarations, repeated everywhere on the internet, The world today He decided to do his thing on his social networks. The satirical newspaper shared an article “written” by Natcher, signed by him, which is nothing more than a full copy of the opinion piece published by The country and signed by Jimina Sabadu.

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