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What will happen if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down abortion rights

by Naomi Parham

If the United States Supreme Court overturns Row v. Wade, who has guaranteed abortions nationwide since 1973, said American women would be forced to cross international borders to get abortions.

The Supreme Court of the United States is ready to strike down the right to abortion

Pregnant women in the United States will be forced to visit clinics in Canada or Mexico, which will be forced to legally access a rights organization whose existence could be called into question by a court ruling. Supreme leaked by Politico. Diario.. This decision marks an irreversible point for the United States to welcome back women from Mexico and Canada who have been seeking abortions for decades.

But now Ottawa and Mexico City want to guarantee American women what Canadian and Mexican women have long denied. The green light comes from Canada’s Interior Minister Karina Gold, who assured American citizens that she could return to Canadian clinics for abortions. And violating certain bureaucratic limits. Generally, foreign women wishing to have an abortion in Canada should take out a loan of around $500 (US$388) and have a health insurance card. On the other hand, Americans do not need a medical document, but still pay a fee to access clinics in Canada.

Carolyn Egan, spokesperson for the Canadian Abortion Rights Coalition, told The Guardian how American women can access abortion care. “Wait times vary, from one to two weeks in Ontario, to several weeks or months in the Atlantic provinces.” It presents a socio-economic boundary that bridges the gap for women who can abort across international borders. Hispanic and transgender.

Did America intend to say goodbye to abortion? This is an already restricted location

Meanwhile, south of the US border, Mexican abortion advocates brace for the growing number of visits from US patients. Women from the United States are in Mexico, which only recognized in 2021 the unconstitutionality of the crime of abortion as a viable economic alternative.

But access to spontaneous termination of pregnancy is not guaranteed in all states of Mexico. Vero Cruz, coordinator of the activist group Los Libres, told the British newspaper that women in the United States can technically access abortion services at public clinics in some Mexican states, but only up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. And that can be an additional limitation for American women who are slowly seeing the limits of their rights.

To what extent can a government condition women’s bodies and lives?

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