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We tell you 5 facts about the women’s Olympique Lyonnais so that you know football

by Ainsley Ingram

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La Paz seeks through culture to return the strength that the pandemic has subtracted

La Paz, May 15 (EFE).- Dance, song and theater, among other arts, have been the resource that the City Hall of La Paz has developed this Sunday to gradually restore strength and vitality to its population after the effects of the pandemic. On this day, a large multi-themed fair took over the main avenue of La Paz and invigorated the spirits of visitors with activities organized for more than four hours for children, young people, adults and the elderly. Speaking to Efe, the director of development and promotion of cultural diversity of the office of the mayor of La Paz, Flavio Rivas, mentioned that this activity, together with eleven other fairs that will take place until October of this administration , aim to “reactivate cultural activities and creative economies” after the pandemic. About five streets were filled with stages where concerts by folk ensembles or instrumental serenades were held that encouraged the public to the extreme that age does not did not matter to start dancing typical rhythms such as cueca, salay or caporales. Rivas clarified that it was arranged to allow about seven stages and about eight spaces for crafts, games, gastronomy, the dance and music, among others. The official mentioned that “the pandemic has hit not only economically but also socially and emotionally”, so these types of events allow families to e reconnect, in addition to strengthening the “social fabric”. In addition, the cultural fair had a space intended for the social reintegration of prisoners of a prison where paintings and ornaments that they made were displayed. In the games sector there were spaces for the fine and gross motor skills of the youngest, chess tables or stages where clowns captured the attention of dozens of children to perform dance competitions and puzzles. The planning of the Town Hall is to continue every weekend with these traveling fairs which will cover all the districts of the city. Bolivia is going through one of the lowest stages of covid-19 contagion after several weeks in which cases decreased after the fourth wave that hit the country in late December and early January. The country has accumulated 21,943 deaths and 906,146 confirmed cases since the pandemic arrived in March 2020, while 20,538 remain active. (c) EFE Agency

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