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US issues record tourist visas for Brazilians in history

by Rex Daniel

Even two years of the pandemic haven’t shaken Brazilians’ preference for the United States as a vacation destination. After reopening the borders in November and resuming consular activities, the US government broke the record for issuing tourist visas to Brazilians in March 2022.

The conclusion is drawn from an investigation carried out by the immigration law firm AG Immigration Group with the Department of State published this Thursday (12).

A total of 71,156 B1/B2 (business and tourist) visas were issued to citizens here during the month. This rate is well above the previous record of March 2018, when 59,000 travel documents were authorized.

Additionally, March 2022 had virtually the same issuance volume as the whole of 2021, when 71,661 visas were issued – only on an emergency basis for much of the year, as consular activities had been reduced due to of the pandemic.

Emissions will only increase

The number of documents approved was even 10% higher than February’s 63,000, indicating an increasing rate of issuance. In January, 46,000 entry permits had been issued, slightly more than the 43,000 in December.

The B1/B2 type accounted for 94% of the total visas for the month. And demand is expected to remain high, as applications are so high that the current waiting list for interviews at the São Paulo consulate is 354 days, or almost a year.

Cinderella’s Castle, at Disney’s Magic Kindgom Park: Orlando (FL) is one of the favorite destinations for Brazilians in the country

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Brazil is also already the fourth country that sent the most visitors to the United States in 2022, even with the current high exchange rates. Our 221,295 visitors in the first three months of the year are second only in number to Mexicans, Britons and Canadians, respectively in the top three places.

In addition to the temporary visa for travelers, the second most issued visa to Brazilians traveling to the United States was the EB2, an immigration visa granted to people with “exceptional abilities” – masters, doctors or exceptional professionals in their career who obtain permission to work on a permanent basis. reside in the country.

Brazil is the fourth country that receives this type of visa the most today. In March, it was issued to 82 Brazilians.

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