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#SOY Finger Licking Video Games – El Sol de México

by Horace Rogers

If you want to bring out the inner chef you have inside, for several years several games have become popular that put you to the test to solve various challenges, not only gastronomic, but also of skill in front of the console of video games. Here are a few:

Hot pot for one

A hot pot is a typical Chinese dish, some say imported from Mongolia. This dish consists of a broth that is cooked in a pot placed on the fire directly at the table of the guests, who place the ingredients they want in the broth in the container and then taste what they have prepared themselves . And that’s what this famous game is called in which the player must prepare a soup for one person with a lot of ingredients originally intended for a group dinner, this after his friends have canceled the plan, so he must succeed to get the best broth possible.

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burger time

This famous game had its heyday in the 80s and even had various clones that you can find on different game consoles. As the name suggests, this is about preparing hamburgers but in a somewhat particular way, since it is an action and block video game where the ingredients for the hamburgers fall from the sky and you need to collect the necessary ones so that they are stacked in order.

mom who cooks

This video game saga has its origin in the Nintendo DS console, which consisted of a cooking simulator designed for the interface of said console, since it mixed some typical concepts of a realistic cookbook but combined them with others more unlikely when it came to with a game of skill and puzzles.


This game has something different from the rest, because it is cooperative, so you will need to have several players to help you make the best possible recipe and everyone must work together to achieve a great result. This game appeared in 2016 and the second in 2018; however, its second part became very famous in 2021 as some streamers like Ibai Llanos and Auronplay came to play and enjoy this game in their broadcasts on all platforms.

cooking simulator

This title is simply another cooking simulator but it has the particularity of being more demanding and difficult than other similar games, in addition to the fact that this game is available for download on video consoles and computers. It has the particularity that for the little ones it can be difficult but for adults it offers an interesting challenge, in addition to having graphics that will make you feel like you are in a high-end kitchen.


This video game already has a saga and offers a simulation that goes beyond the act of cooking, even if it is the main plot, because in this video game you will manage a chain of restaurants and your objective will be to achieve the coveted five stars in all of them. It also has a realistic touch, since you will have to perform a series of tasks to prepare a good dish, as well as taking into account the oven while you stir the pan, cut the ingredients and turn the pan. This saga is available for consoles and phones.

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Go on

This fantastic game is still in development, but it promises to offer a different experience from the previous ones, since it is part of a branch of video games designed to feel good and provide a relaxed atmosphere. The plot tries to follow in the footsteps of a mother of Indian origin who emigrated to the Canadian country in the 80s and wants to be faithful to her roots, which she will achieve through the typical recipes of her family and her culture.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

This simulation game combines cooking skills with restaurant management. The menu, the letter and the customers are some of the tasks that you must take into account, in addition to not losing sight of the radar that this restaurant is in its off-peak hours and you must save it so that it can find its splendor, in which you have to invest money, which you will earn if your guests are satisfied with the recipes you prepare in the kitchen.


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