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Siginjei Museum brings traditional game on stilts to life in Jambi

by Edwin Robertson

The reason for choosing this traditional game on stilts is that many traditional games are now almost extinct and are rarely played by children.

Jambi (ANTARA) – A cheerful atmosphere was seen in the backyard of the Siginjei Jambi Museum on Wednesday (10/13) 2021 when dozens of junior high school (SMP) students from Jambi City were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​playing and running traditional games on stilts.

Siginjei Jambi Museum Director Nurlaini said the Jambi Siginjei Museum is once again holding a traditional game competition. This time by inviting college students throughout the town of Jambi. They participated in the traditional game.

“It’s still on the National Museum Day agenda, apart from yesterday’s exhibit we also had this stilt competition,” Nurlaini said.

The woman familiarly named Leni explained that the stilt game was one of the traditional types of games chosen by the Jambi Siginjei Museum to be challenged.

The reason for choosing this traditional game on stilts is that many traditional games are now almost extinct and are rarely played by children.

As an institution responsible for preserving culture, the Siginjei Jambi Museum aggressively presents this traditional game.

According to Leni, in traditional games there are many lessons that players can learn. Through traditional games, it is possible to instill the importance of cooperation between players so that it cultivates a sense of unity in children.

He explained that in this traditional game of stilts, he will describe the mutual cooperation between players to achieve victory for each other. This is what he implicitly admits that kids will get every time they play this game.

“Each of these traditional games has meaning and lessons that can be learned by players, cooperation, mutual cooperation and cohesion,” he said.


In this traditional game competition, 22 junior high schools from Jambi City participated. Each school brings 3 students to participate in the competition. Not only to provide education, the game of stilts is also a traditional sport, so in this competition, the Siginjei museum involves the office of youth and sports as a jury.

“We also give prizes to the winners, it is an encouragement for the children,” he said.

The traditional game competition is not the first time organized by the Siginjei Museum. A few months ago, the museum also organized a competition of traditional games bringing together students and teachers.

“It’s our effort to preserve traditional games so that we often have competitions,” he said.

It is undeniable that the rapid development of technology is bringing changes in various aspects of life. According to him, nowadays it is more and more difficult to find small children who still play traditional games like this one.

The emergence of this almost everyone-owned gawai can change lifestyles, including children’s increasing loss of interest in traditional games.

He stressed that this kind of traditional game should not be lost, it is the duty of all levels of society to preserve traditional games.

“So don’t lose it,” he said.

He felt great enthusiasm on the part of the teachers and students who participated in this traditional competition of games on stilts. He hopes it will be a step for young people to preserve the traditional games.


In the future, the Siginjei Museum will continue to organize this competition of traditional games, both with different targets and with different types of games.

“Even though it is raining today, the children and the teachers accompanying them are still enthusiastic. We are touched that the spirit of preserving our culture through traditional games is still there. Hopefully the children will be more interested. “said Nurlaini.

A companion teacher of SMPN 11 Jambi City, Atika said her students are excited to enter the competition. Although his school received the title of Hope 2, he is proud of the students who have a passion to help preserve the culture of this nation.

Of course, this is not the first time that his school has participated in the event organized by the Siginjei Museum, he admitted that some time ago he also participated in traditional game competitions with different types of games.

“Alhamdulillah, our students can participate. Children are also cheerful and happy to participate in this competition. It is also an opportunity for all of us to re-popularize this game,” said Atika.

Meanwhile, another accompanying teacher, Ning, explained that traditional stilt games are also included in traditional sports. As a sports teacher, he also integrates traditional game lessons into the learning materials.

“Maybe not all schools have traditional sports in their schools because it depends on the creativity of their respective sports teachers. I teach this traditional sport to the pupils myself and it is also supported by the schools. who provide the facilities, ”he said.

The competition on stilts, organized by the Siginjei Museum, also implemented the COVID-19 health protocol in which during the competition students were always required to wear masks.

The event in the courtyard of the Siginjei Museum is part of the commemoration of National Museum Day 2021. In addition to organizing a game of stilts, the museum, which is located in the Broni region, precisely on Jalan Slamet Riyadi , Jambi City, organizes an exhibition of transport equipment and traditional transport Jambi.

The exhibit is an effort to educate and recognize the means of transportation and transportation used by the people of Jambi in the past, most of which are now abandoned.

The exhibition, which lasted over a week, also showed the creativity and adaptability of the Jambi people in finding effective tools to support their daily activities.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the Siginjei Jambi Museum also organizes support activities, both inside and outside the museum, such as special exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, museums entering schools, seminars, workshops, audiovisual presentations, artistic performances, conferences, competitions for children. school, research and student guidance practices or internships.

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By Syarif Abdullah and Tuyani
Editor: Andi Jauhary

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