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Netflix wants to create a video game based on the “Squid Games”

by Ainsley Ingram


Less than a month after it first appeared on Netflix, there are already official rumors that Squid Game could be turned into a video game.

The Squid Game has grown to be such a success that it is well on its way to becoming Netflix’s most watched show. To be fair, he’s probably already passed that milestone by this point, and Netflix just hasn’t confirmed that yet.

Netflix CEO Minyeong Kim explained in lengthy interview Hollywood journalist on The Squid Game and its success.

“We have all these other experts looking at different areas of potential. We receive a huge but happy number of requests from the organization. “

– said Kim

While many of those talks will touch on the possibility of a second season for the series, Kim also mentions several other projects that Netflix is ​​exploring, including a video game.

“We are exploring many different areas – games, consumer products and more – to really understand what we have to offer our audience.”

Kim’s confirmation that Netflix is ​​indeed considering the Squid Game video game comes with Tom Henderson’s claim that it’s already in development. But he’s not sure which studio is behind the game.

When it comes to turning a TV show into a game, it’s easy with Squid Game. Of course, depending on how deeply its creators want to tackle it. It might just be a battle royale like the show itself. Think about Fall Guys, but if you fall off the swing you won’t appear at the last checkpoint you passed. Instead, an NPC in a spooky costume appears and shoots you in the face.

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