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Justin Bieber is banned by Ferrari and will not be able to buy their cars

by Edwin Robertson

In addition to high sums of money, the Ferrari brand requires specific requirements and policies to sell their cars to someone. And since you want to keep the exclusivity of your brand, you reserve the right to choose who can drive your cars.

canadian singer Justin Bieber revealed some time ago that luxury car brand Ferrari vetoed him because in his years of debauchery he forgot where he parked his car.

The intoxication of Bieber on this occasion was such that the Ferrari 458 of the interpreter of excuse me it sat forgotten in a parking lot for two weeks.

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Worse, perhaps, was that the singer’s car could not be found until Ferrari staff managed to locate it. Disrespect for one of his cars was not forgiven by Ferrari who vetoed him forever.

But another fact also influenced the decision to veto Bieber, since Ferrari is not a fan of modifications, let alone those that can damage its image.

However, the Canadian artist decided to modify one of his vehicles and put it up for auction later, which seems to have put an end to Ferrari’s patience.

What other celebrities are on Ferrari’s blacklist?

Nicholas Cage

Floyd Mayweather

DJ Deadmau5.

Singer Curtis James Jackson, ’50 Cent’

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