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Foreigners with purchasing power in BCS – El Sol de Sinaloa

by Naomi Parham

Of the 30,000 foreigners who live in Baja California Sur, approximately 50% are permanent and of those 90% are retirees or retirees, a population comprised primarily of North Americans and Canadians, who live in Los Cabos and La Paz, in the Todos Corridor Santos-Pescadero, and the rest in the north of the state, according to the representative in this entity of the National Institute of Migration, Manuel Salvador Cordero Esparza, who details that these foreigners, during their stay, acquire or rent a house and constantly travel to their country of origin.

It is a community of great economic solvency made up of about 12,000 foreigners, mostly elderly, with incomes that allow them to access private health services either through medical insurance or by payment. direct, which they consume in specialized stores; they have a high standard of living, and have settled in luxury housing estates or in residences in places with high added value.

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Among the permanent foreigners in this part of the state, about 300 live in the marinas of La Paz or in the Bay, living more than 6 months aboard their boats; Almost all are retired or retired senior couples who go ashore to get supplies, visit bars, restaurants and clinics, and hire maintenance services for their boats.

Although there is no record available, some of these elderly foreigners are starting their married life in the state again with a Mexican woman.

Despite the fact that most of this population lives in Los Cabos, in La Paz there are places like El Mogote and El Comitán where most of the residents are of foreign origin; It is common to see them on weekends in department stores doing the weekly shopping or strolling the boardwalk in the afternoon.

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The INM does not have a record of the condition of retirees or retirees of foreigners who arrive in Baja California Sur, although there is a similar procedure called Change of Residence Condition, which also includes those who have solvency economic, and in the one who, so that the foreigner can access it, must present a bank account statement where it is indicated that he has economic solvency, however, the origin of this money does not necessarily have to come from a retreat.

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